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Data Protection Policy

This policy will provide data protection compliance as required under the General Data Protection Requirement (GDPR) which becomes statutory legislation from 25 May 2018 and applies to all charities, volunteers groups and businesses. Once this policy is adopted by the committee of The Sandbach and District Talking Newspaper Association, hereafter referred to as the Talking Newspaper, it must be explained to all member/volunteers so that everyone is fully conversant with the new methods of operation within the charity.

New member/volunteers

All new volunteers joining the charity from the date of the acceptance of this policy should be handed a copy of the data protection policy adopted by the committee and they should also complete an application form with the required information. Once completed the form should then be signed and handed to the Secretary for secure storage. All personal data regarding member/volunteers, i.e. telephone numbers, email addresses etc., will be kept secure electronically under password control by the Secretary. None of this information will be passed to a third party without the member/volunteer’s approval.

Personal information required by Editors and Technicians of other member/volunteers in the charity can be obtained by contacting the Secretary who will provide the information and this should be recorded by the secretary of whom and when the request was made. Again, none of this information should be divulged to third parties.

Personal Data Access Request

Any member/volunteer can request a copy of the their data held by the Secretary and this should be supplied to the member/volunteer within four weeks.


No data will be passed to any third parties without the express permission of the individual and approved by the committee.

Registered listeners of the “Talking Newspaper”

All existing listeners of the Talking Newspaper must be made fully aware of the new data protection regulations which come into force on 25 May 2018. This can be achieved by individual or group meetings, telephone calls or any other suitable means of communication. Details of the security involved in controlling the listeners personal data should be explained to all listeners. Any existing listener who objects to the Talking Newspaper holding their personal information, i.e. birth dates etc., may have their information deleted from records. This does not apply to names and addresses which will be held for obvious reasons. All new listeners should be advised of the data protection requirements individually and the regulations should be fully explained to the listener how the charity holds this information. If a new listener objects to the Talking Newspaper holding personal information such as birth dates, ages etc. then this should not be held in the Secretary’s records.

All personal information i.e. birth dates etc. held by the Talking Newspaper on any listener will be held securely under password control by the Secretary alone. Providing the listener has approved its release and wishes the data to be mentioned on a recording then this would be passed to each Editor before every week’s recording. There should be no other copies with personal data held by any member/volunteer or held in the recording studios. Any listener requesting data information held on themselves will be advised within four weeks.

Should a member/volunteer or a listener cease to be a member of the Talking Newspaper then all records of that person or persons will be erased from all the records held by the Secretary.

If a member/ volunteer or a listener wishes to raise a question regarding the Data Protection Policy of The Sandbach and District Talking Newspaper Association then in the first instance they should raise the matter with the Secretary who will if necessary discuss the matter with the committee. The committee’s decision will be final.

 Download full Data Protection Policy document
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